St Thomas of Acon - South Eastern Counties

Provincial Grand Officers 2018-19


Constituted Wednesday 29th December 2010

Grand Preceptors Council meets on the First Saturday in March




Right Worthy Grand Preceptor

Sir Roger of Canterbury

Roger O'Brien

Right Em. Provincial Grand Prior

Sir Reginald of Paphos

Reginald Heathcote-Smith

Provincial Grand Marshal

Sir Jeremy of Falcon Wode

Jeremy Griffin

Provincial Grand Treasurer

Sir David of Cobham

David Barden

Provincial Grand Registrar

Sir Timothy of Avalon

Tim Ford

Provincial Grand Secretary

Sir Jason of Twydall

Jason Cameron-Potter

Provincial Dep. Grand Marshal

Sir Kevin of Hellingley

Kevin Hollingsworth

Provincial Grand Almoner

Sir Richard of Heathfield

Richard Axell

Provincial Grand Warden of Regalia

Sir Paul of Winterton

Paul Butler

Provincial Grand Sword Bearer

Sir Michael of Southborough

Michael Stillwell

Provincial Dep. Grand Secretary

Sir Duncan of Upnor

Duncan Griffiths

Provincial Grand Banner Bearer

Sir Philip of Amberstone

Philip Simons

Provincial Asst. Grand Marshal

Sir Paul of Westerham

Paul Jenner

Provincial Asst. Grand Secretary

Sir Ron of Iwade

Ron Ball

Provincial Grand Herald

Sir Terence of Erith

Terence Bowler

Provincial Grand Organist

Sir Douglas of Duston

Douglas Black

Provincial Grand Doorkeeper

Sir Paul of Bow

Paul Mayger

Provincial Grand Cellarer

Sir Andrew of Westfield

Andrew Board

Provincial Grand Cellarer

Sir Edward of Covevithe

John Shade

Provincial Grand Sentry

Sir Malcolm of Old Meldrum

Malcolm Brown




Past Provincial Grand Registrar

Sir Colin of Cooden

Colin Hartley

Past Provincial Grand Registrar

Sir Harry of Burntwick

Trevor Harrison

Past Provincial Grand Registrar

Sir Howard of Gillingham

Howard Doe

Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer

Sir John of Iping Mill

John Hickman